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William Gyles Guesthouse Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Airbnb and a B&B?

An Airbnb is a lodging system using social media and mobile devices to book. Lodging can take many forms from a room or two in the host's home to a more traditional Inn type experience. Amenities included are usually listed on the lodging's page of the Airbnb website and may include a light breakfast and kitchen privileges.

A traditional B&B (Bed & Breakfast) is a lodging that includes a bedroom and breakfast. The breakfast is usually prepared by the host and served in a communal area during a particular time.

Could you give us some suggestions as to how to spend a couple of days in Newport?

For suggestions of what to do if visiting Newport 1, 2 or 3 days, visit the suggested itinerary page of this website.
The Newport website www.DiscoverNewport.org is the most comprehensive website of Newport.

Please tell me about the mansions of Newport that you can tour. 

For details of the mansions owned by the Newport Preservation Society visit www.NewportMansions.org  Discount tickets are offered by the Newport Preservation Society. There are other privately owned mansions you can visit such as Belcourt Castle and RoughPoint.  For more information visit www.DiscoverNewport.org

Is it possible to make a day trip to Boston while staying in Newport?

Yes, a day trip from Newport is very possible whether by bus or by car.  It is about an hour and a half drive from Newport or a two-hour bus ride.  For more information click on the "directions" link.

How long does it take to drive between the following places?

Boston to Touro, Cape Cod - 2 hours
Touro to Hyannis (Cape Cod) - 45 minutes
Hyannis to New Bedford, Massachusetts - 1 hour
New Bedford to Newport, RI - 45 minutes

Is it possible to take a day trip to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket islands on Cape Cod from Newport, RI?  From somewhere on The Cape?

From the mainland of Cape Cod: If you want to do a day trip to either Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard from The Cape you could stay in the HI-Hyannis Hostel then take a boat to the islands from Hyannis Harbor. Or you could stay at one of the hostels located farther out on The Cape and find boat departures from there. There are nice hostels on both islands.

We would like to go to Block Island for a day from Newport, RI.  How can we get there?

A high speed ferry from Newport to Block Island runs only during the summer.  Otherwise you need to get to Point Judith, Rhode Island, to catch a ferry (it is about an hour drive to Point Judith).  We don’t recommend trying to do a day trip to Block Island using public transportation out of Newport to/from Point Judith.  For ferry information to Block Island visit www.blockislandferry.com. For more information on nearby Block Island visit www.blockislandinfo.com

Tipping in Restaurants

1) How much tip should I leave in restaurants?

15%-20% of the total bill, excluding any taxes, is standard. The higher the percentage, the more your satisfaction is expressed.

2) Should I include the tip in the charge when charging a meal?

A waitress or waiter (also referred to as "the server") usually prefers their tip to be in cash (for more immediate gratification)

3) How do I make sure my server gets the tip if I pay my bill at a cash register as I depart?

It is best to hand the tip to your server directly in this situation. If this isn't possible, give the tip to the person at the cash register when you are paying the bill and tell them it is for your server. I don't suggest leaving it on the table due to the fact that the person clearing the table may not be the same person who was your server and your server may somehow miss the tip intended for him/her.

Do you have more questions about travel in the Newport area?
Visit www.DiscoverNewport.org
or call the Newport County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau:  1-800-976-5122

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